Caolines de Vimianzo

We are company dedicated to the recovery, research and commercialization of industrial minerals such as kaolin, mica and siliceous sands, and the production of other products derived from them.

Our company, located in the heart of Costa da Morte, in Vimianzo (A Coruña - Spain), supplies several sectors such as paper industry, pharmacopoeia and cosmetics, plastics, automotive, ceramics or painting, among many others. Our main market is the European Union, although we are also present in other international markets in the United Kingdom, America, North Africa, the Middle East or Asia.



Crystalline mineral formed by hydrated aluminium silicate. It is distinguished from other clays by its softness, whiteness and easy dispersion in water and other liquids. It has been used since ancient times in multiple applications, thanks to its high versatility. It is present in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic sectors and also in porcelain and paint manufacturing applications, among others.



It is one of the most abundant minerals in nature. It is a Potassium Aluminosilicate, transparent and inert. Diversity of varieties, being the Muscovite mica the most interesting from an industrial point of view and the one produced on Costa da Morte region. Thanks to its physicochemical properties (inert, high thermal resistance, laminar, with high "aspect ratio") is used in many industrial applications such as electronics or plastic. It is highly appreciated in sectors such as composites, friction elements, paints or cosmetics, thanks to its particular shine, called vitreous or silky.



Silica sand is a compound produced by a combination of silica with oxygen. In particular, the sands produced in CAVISA come from the disaggregation of granite. Due to its important physical and chemical properties, highlighting, especially, its hardness and chemical resistance, it is used in multiple industrial applications such as in construction, paints, glass or in the oil industry. In Vimianzo they are also used in environmental regenerations and animal well-being.

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Through this service we want to put at the service of the Community, whether private owners, companies, Councils or Administrations our knowledge, experience and resources in the field of ecological, enviromental rehabilitation and waste management.

Products of everyday life

We are present in many products of everyday life

Our products are used in numerous markets presenting a variety of applications: plastics and polymers, paper industry, paint, construction, ceramics or automotive among many others.


Our facilities

Caolines de Vimianzo, a natural company of Costa da Morte region where we mainly develop our activity. We own several concessions and deposits throughout the region. Our facilities are located in the Vimianzo valley and occupy about 100 hectares.

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