Industry of inocuous primary materials for organic agriculture

Agricultural sector requires products with controlled origin and composition used for different purposes such as: reducing evapotranspiration, protecting against the sun, reducing colonies of parasites, absorbents, agents natural inorganic dyes, micronutrient source or pH adjuster.

For this sector, particularly sensitive to the use of organic products, the use of natural substances, such as those offered by CAVISA, is always preferable.

At CAVISA we extract raw materials directly by producing high quality fillers. We have different names of Kaolins for this market:

Product Denomination Industrial use
CAOLIN G-35M, G-30M Organic Agriculture
CAOLIN GF-40M Soil Corrector


It is a mineral of natural origin, whitish appearance, clay, inert, of great thermal resistance, used in many sectors as filler or as an excipient, which is part of the group of industrial minerals. It is distinguished from other clays mainly by its whiteness, whiteness and easy dispersion in water and other liquids.