We elaborate suppliers for the livestock

Mineral fillers used in the manufacture of animal feed, such as anti-caking and anti-humping, avoiding fungal crops. Sands are used in equestrian soils and tracks that improve tread and provide greater stability.

At CAVISA we extract raw materials directly by producing high quality fillers. We have several kaolins and sands designations for this market:

Product Denomination Industrial use
CAOLIN G-35M, GM-30 Feed
SANDS 0-1, 0-3 Animals welfare
SANDS 0-1 Tracks equestrian Centres


It is a mineral of natural origin, whitish appearance, clay, inert, of great thermal resistance, used in many sectors as filler or as an excipient, which is part of the group of industrial minerals. It is distinguished from other clays mainly by its whiteness, whiteness and easy dispersion in water and other liquids.



Silica sand is a compound resulting from the alteration of granite as a result of kaolinization due to hydrothermal processes and environmental effects.