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We recover minerals from the earth and we transform them in useful products for the society

In CAVISA we mainly exploit dispersed deposits of decomposed granite (kaolinized) from which we recover three base minerals, Kaolin, Muscovite Mica and Silica Sand, from which we produce different products.

The great possibility of applications of all of them means that we are constantly developing, studying new recovery techniques, as well as products with greater added value, collaborating directly with our customers to adapt our products to their needs.


Kaolin is a crystalline mineral formed by the breakdown of granite over millions of years. It is known as "China Clay" because the first site where it was found was in China, on Kaoling Hill, where its name comes from. It is a mineral with multiple applications present in a wide variety of products, from paper industry to the pharmacopoeia, through paints, agriculture or ceramics.


Mica is one of nature's most abundant minerals, especially found in acidic intrusive rocks and crystalline micaceous schist. It is defined by its easy exfoliation in thin flexible, elastic and very bright sheets. It is used in various sectors and markets, from brake pads, foundry or coatings to paints and cosmetics.


Siliceous sands are formed by a set of particles of dissolved and dispersed rocks found on the surface of the earth. They are a combination of silica with oxygen and are mainly composed of quartz. It is the most common type of sand and thanks to its great chemical resistance it is used for several uses and applications: glass, construction, beach regeneration, animal well-being or water filtration among others.

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Through this service we want to put at the service of the Community, whether private owners, companies, Councils or Administrations our knowledge, experience and resources in the field of ecological, enviromental rehabilitation and waste management.