Cavisa Ambiental

In Cavisa, we have been doing work for years that have allowed us to acquire a knowledge in the realization of different works and projects that may be of interest to the Community, such as ecological rehabilitation, waste management or concrete production.

That is why from our Cavisa Ambiental Department we want to offer our knowledge by offering the following services to individuals or City councils as well as to other Administrations that need it.

Ecological and Environmental Rehabilitations

In CAVISA we are aware of the importance that landscape, environmental or ecological restorations have in the perception of our activity, and where we act we decide what future we consider to be the best for an old farm: fill and rehabilitate agroforestry, lagoons with human exploitation , even mountains or lagoons where ecological rehabilitation is favored, natural colonization by native species of flora and fauna, always reserving a preferential place for geological heritage and possible formations that we find.

From our Environmental Division we offer specialized services focused on the rehabilitation of degraded spaces, not only for old mining activities, but also for civil works or construction activities, applying the experience and knowledge acquired in our own work, in collaboration with Concellos , owners and Administrations providing the necessary structure for the implementation of new tourist and leisure activities.

Inert Waste Management. Excavation Lands

As a complement to our main activities and taking advantage of part of the existing facilities, we have requested authorization as Non-Hazardous Waste Managers, in order to treat and value surpluses of land and other inert fundamentally from civil works under construction in Costa da Morte (Highway, Wind farms, Ports, building ...). It is about reusing those raw materials discarded in other activities that may be subject to recovery in our facilities either to supply again aggregates for constructions in the environment, or for environmental regenerations.

Concrete Production

Part of the coarse sands, considered historically as sterile given the relationship between production and local market demand, are being recovered as silica sands suitable for the manufacture of concrete, as well as gravels of quartz dikes that once ended up in landfills and dumps, so it is intended to expand CAVISA's facilities with a concrete manufacturing plant and thus supply the local market by reducing the environmental footprint of transport from other centers already existing in the province.